Anonymous asked: "Mun, Mun, Mun!!! Guess what?" the girl ran into the room, waving a newspaper in her hand "The famous writer Ryoichi Hirose is going to have an autograph session this Saturday!!!"

"What!?" Mun was suddenly out of her seat, jittery with excitement with the new as she moved over to the other girl with bright eyes. "Really!? I love him!" She started as she glanced at the newspaper curiously, before she felt a spoon hit her head from behind and she looked over her shoulder to see Takuto who had probably thrown it at her. After all, he looked pissed.

"Quiet down, Stupid mun," Takuto began as he used his hands to cover his ears in his vexation before his golden glare was flipping over to the other girl in distaste. "And you! Don’t encourage her. You two are loud."

He tried, he swears he did his best to focus on his laptop but the noise is too much to take. He finally shuts down his laptop and walks to the kitchen, “You want to blow up my house or what?” he glares at a girl who is standing on her tiptoe on the chair, trying to reach the jar in the cupboard. “Takkun…”, she hasn’t finished her word when she lost balance and falls down. Unconsciously, Takuto reaches out his arms to catch her. “Ah, thank…” “ARE YOU AN IDIOT? Can’t you learn how to stand properly?” he raised his voice, really, his heart was almost stop at that time. “I-I’m sorry”, the girl started at his sudden anger. Seeing her teary eyes, he just couldn’t get angry anymore. He gently pulls her into his arms. Ok, this is supposes to be a romantic scene if he didn’t spot Mun standing in the doorway, looking at them with a wry smile on her face


Well, well, well. What was going on here? Mun looked in with a grin, her eyes glinting in curiosity as she saw the scene before her. “And here I thought you didn’t like girls,” she began cheekily as she looked to Takuto and the girl in his arms.

Takuto, being the Tsundere he was, quickly pushed away from the girl- not hard enough to knock her over, but enough to put some distance between them. “What the hell!? Don’t just barge in like that, stupid!” He growled to mun, shooting her a harsh glare.

"Yeah, yeah," Mun waved off the notion dismissively before grinning at the other girl sweetly. "Congrats on getting Porky to be nice to you!~ He must really love you."


Anonymous asked: "Delivery!", the person gave him three colorful boxes, purple, orange and blue. "From the the Ministry of Finance, the Fire-station and the Art University. Please sign here, here and here", Takuto raised his eyebrow doubtfully but he still signed in the paper and took three suspicious boxes

He may have signed for the boxes, but it didn’t mean Takuto trusted any of them. He had the idea they were from Riki, Kenshi and Hiro, but it’d be easy enough to fake the appearance. Not to mention… Even if they were from who he thought, Takuto wasn’t looking forward to it. With a sigh though, he hesitantly began to open them.


Anonymous asked: Hello, is Mr. Hirukawa lives here?

Takuto grumbled incoherent vulgarities as he answered the door of his small house and narrowed his eyes at the visitor. “Depends,” he muttered, “why the hell are you at the doorstep?”

If takkun had a cat we would name it MR.noodles it's final

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The girl sit silently at the corner of the room, this isn’t like her at all (´・_・`) She hasn’t say a word for hours, just gaze listlessly at the blonde guy who is typing nonstop like he doesn’t care a thing in the world


Okay. She was staring, he was sure of it… Takuto had glanced up occasionally only to catch the gaze of the girl across the room who kept her eyes on him like he were some show - solely here for her entertainment.

How annoying…

Takuto got up, before making his way towards the girl with a glare. “What are you looking at?”


scorlight asked: Hey Tak! Mun! o((*^▽^*))o I made you some dumplings! Let's eat together!!! (* >ω<)っ♨ *take out Horaemon and Shiffey shape dumplings*

Takuto just rolled his eyes. “If you made them they’re probably bad. I don’t want any.”

Mun jumped up though, excited to be included as she gave the other girl a hug. “Thank you!” She said sweetly only for Takuto to snatch it away from her. “I thought you didn’t want any!”

"Change my mind," Takuto mumbled before taking the other females hand (and the dumpling and beginning to walk away). "Come on. I don’t want to share."


scorlight asked: I just... also... your picture... wallpaper... (๑•́ ω •̀๑) Nothing!!! Don't worry! I swear I didn't see my pictures on your desktop, wallet and... Ahhh!!! Σ(ºд º///) Err... no... I mean... A-are you hungry? I'll order pork noodles! ε=┏(; ̄▽ ̄)┛ *trip over the door step and fall frontward* (╯°Д°)╯Kyyaaahhh!!!

Takuto glared at the girl, all the way until she tried scampering off only to fall flat on her face. What a clutz! At least that returned the smirk back to his lips. “What did you even trip over, dummy?” He asked before standing up and walking over, grabbing onto her wrist easily to help her back up.


scorlight asked: Meanie T^T *sobbing in the corner* (┳Д┳) Huh? *look at Takuto's laptop* Takkun... Is that my picture on your laptop background? Wait a minute.... I don't remember taking this one. W-w-where did you get it?! Σ(●゚д゚●)

Takuto rolled those golden eyes of his as he listened to her cries. He had resolved to just ignore it and was about to get back to work, only to have the girl come up behind him and peer over his shoulder. “Hey!” He got out as he slammed his laptop shut so she couldn’t see. “Why would I want someone like you as my wallpaper? What an eyesore!” He snapped but as he turned back to look at his closed laptop, he could feel the blood begin to rush to his cheeks lightly. “And why are you looking at my computer?”


scorlight asked: Hey, Takkun! It's all your fault that I made this account >"< Take responsibility for making me do crazy things because of you!!! T^T

Takuto’s eyes narrowed slightly at the girl as she spoke. Take responsibility? He barely had enough energy to do the work that was required of him now. “Why should I?” He retorted with a role of his eyes as he opened up his laptop and started clacking away, “If you do something, it’s your own stupid fault.”